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DuraMAX360 - 4 Way Industrial Cat.6A RJ45 Plug

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DuraMAX360 - 4 Way Industrial Cat.6A RJ45 Plug

As more and more industrial devices and appliances are controlled using connection to the IT Network, a more noise-tolerant and robust-structured modular plug is required compared to a common office LAN application plug. The plugs and cables must have a strong shielded structure to handle electrical noise and they must also be designed to work in harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, humidity or vibration.

The DINTEK DuraMAX360TM Industrial Grade 4 Way Cat.6A RJ45 Field Plug has been designed for easy installation and field termination while being contained in a rugged package. The plug features a fully shielded die-cast housing, and is a highly durable Cat.6A compliant component. Effortless termination has been achieved using the ezi-CONNECTTM IDC system, which allows reliable and easy termination process without the need to strip the wires.

Standards Compliance

  • ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017 (Ed. 1.0)
  • ISO/IEC 11801-2:2017 (Ed. 1.0)
  • EN 50173-1:2011 / EN 50173-2:2007 including amendment Al:2010
  • ANSI/TIA-568-2.DIEC 61935-2:2010 (Ed. 3.0) (transmission requirements)
  • IEC 60512-99-002 (draft 48B/2531/CD) (plug)

In addition the plug can be configured in 4 different right angle positions depending on the application environment and the directional requirement for the cable to exit away from the plug.

Dimensions45.5mm (L) x 13.8mm (W) x 27.0mm (H)
HousingPhosphor Bronze Alloy Plated With 50 micro-inch of Gold
Contact PinPhosphor Bronze Alloy Plated With 50 micro-inch of Gold
IDPhosphor Bronze Alloy With 100 micro-inch 100% Sn Alloy
Accepted IDC Wire Gauges22~26AWG
Storage Temperature Rating-40℃ to +70℃
Operational Temperature Rating-10℃ to +60℃
Electrical Insulation Resistance500MΩ min. @ 100V D.C
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage1000V D.C or A.C Peak Contact to Contact1500V D.C or A.C Peak Contact to Shield @ 60Hz for 1 Minute

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DuraMAX 360 - 4 Way Industrial Cat.6A RJ45 Plug



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